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TSCM & Private Security Solutions, LLC

We specialize in finding hidden spy cameras and hidden listening devices in all places and situations. Including:

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Secure your home, business, and other properties

Electronic Surveillance Detection & Cyber TSCM

TSCM Private Security Solutions specializes in Technical Surveillance CounterMeasures (TSCM), also known as electronic surveillance detection, or bug sweep. Our objective is to protect and guard your privacy, information, and communications.

We utilize industry-leading equipment and techniques to detect hidden eavesdropping devices, including hidden video, hidden audio, and hidden GPS tracking devices.

Plus, we conduct physical inspections of electrical outlets, air vents, ceilings, including smoke detector covers, and light switch covers for these devices. We have the most current cutting-edge tools and training to challenge and combat today’s ever evolving threats.

From Homes & Offices to Schools, Planes, and Prisons, we secure them all!

TSCM Private Security Solutions believes that further education is the most important aspect of Technical Surveillance CounterMeasures because technology and threats are changing quickly. With the onset of portable spectrum analyzers, further education is a must on the RF spectrum.

Even the equipment used to detect the threats are changed and upgraded often, as should be the TSCM agents’ knowledge. A TSCM agent is not effective if they do not understand the RF spectrum, or they do not stay up to date on the changing threats, latest equipment, and continued education.

Business Bug Sweeps

Expert Electronic Bug Sweeps for all your Business' TSCM needs.

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Business Bug Sweeps

Expert Electronic Bug Sweeps for all your Business' TSCM needs.
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Home Bug Sweeps

We Can Detect Any Hidden Camera or Listening Device!

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Home Bug Sweeps

If You Think You Are Being Spied On, Call Us Now. We Can Help!
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Vehicle GPS Sweeps

Is Someone Tracking Your Movements? Find Out Now!

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Vehicle GPS Sweeps

We Can Detect GPS Trackers and Other Tracking Devices.
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Cyber TSCM

Do you think someone is utilizing your home network?

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Cyber TSCM

Read About Our Residential Cyber TSCM Services.
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Office Bug Sweep Firm Florida Georgia USA

What is TSCM & Who Needs it?

TSCM (Technical Surveillance CounterMeasure), is also known as a “bug” sweep or electronic surveillance sweep.

  • Techniques, methods and equipment to detect and find Technical Surveillance Equipment (TSE) (hidden cameras, listening devices, Bluetooth & GPS trackers).
  • A scope of work will include a visual, physical, technical, and acoustical facility evaluation to identify security vulnerabilities.
  • An evaluation will provide recommendations to improve and minimize vulnerabilities within your home, business, vehicle or other personal space.

Who needs Technical Surveillance CounterMeasures?

  • Anyone for any reason at any time; eavesdropping devices have never been cheaper and accessible to buy.
  • Individuals that have intellectual property to protect.
  • High net worth individuals that hire staff for yachts, airplanes, or vacation homes.
  • C-Suite Executives for meetings, offices, conference rooms, board rooms, or phone lines.
  • Business owners in a competitive field with trade secrets to protect.
  • Individuals going through a divorce, a jealous spouse, custody battle or other family issues.

What to Expect?

You can expect to have a long and in-depth conversation with our TSCM agent. TSCM may be ongoing depending on the potential threat(s). A good TSCM sweep will take many hours involving several pieces of highly technical equipment. Furthermore, a sweep is more than fancy equipment, it’s also a hands-on physical search. The more information you can provide to our TSCM agent about your situation, the better the agent’s approach and plan will be.

Our Mission

To provide quality and affordable TSCM services.

By using the best TSCM equipment and training available for electronic surveillance detection.

To bring awareness of the threats that exist to your privacy.

Technology gets better every day and makes it easy for you to be watched and listened to by anyone for any reason or no reason at all.

To protect intellectual property.

Some companies are in competitive fields and have trade secrets that others want to gain a competitive advantage.

To help gather evidence for court cases.

By finding technical surveillance equipment (TSE) that has been maliciously placed in your home, office or vehicle to invade your privacy.

To bring you peace of mind.

We give you the confidence and reassurance that your privacy is not being invaded, so that you can live your normal life and feel safe in your own home, office, or vehicle.