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TSCM & Private Security Solutions

The Experts in Electronic Surveillance Detection & Cyber TSCM in the USA!

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Founder and TSCM Expert

Brian Jones


Brian Jones, Owner of TSCM & Private Security Solutions LLC served in the US Marines. His primary job in the Marines was as a tactical vehicle operator, and then as an instructor teaching Marines how to operate the tactical vehicles.

Brian spent time in Japan and worked with the Japanese Army teaching English classes. In North Carolina, he was part of the 2nd light armored reconnaissance Battalion. In Iraq, he was with the 24th Marines and performed security convoys escorting civilians around the Fallujah and Ramadi areas in Iraq. During these convoys, he gathered intelligence about current and future driving routes.

After his time with the Marines, Brian attended Executive Security International (ESI) and received his certification in Executive Protection. While at ESI, he began his training in Executive TSCM and became certified. Furthermore, Brian is a qualified firearms instructor and range safety officer.

Brian then attended Research Electronics INT’L (REI), the world leader in technology on Technical Surveillance CounterMeasures (TSCM) equipment and training.  He then received many certifications in equipment and techniques. Brian continued his education on the RF spectrum and obtained additional certifications.

Currently, Brian is working on his radio frequency engineering degree and continuing education in electronics and components, and is the Lead TSCM Expert for his company.

See Brian’s specialties and certifications below.

Tactical TSCM Kit Certified by Research Electronics Int'l (REI)

Brian is certified on all equipment included in the TSCM kit. REI is the TSCM equipment and training industry leader and is American made in Tennessee.

A veteran owned and operated business, TSCM bug sweep business
TTK, Tactical TSCM kit
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Company that can find hidden cameras in my office
Company that can find hidden cameras in my Air B&B
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Certified Security Specialist (CSS)

What is a CSS? The Certified Security Specialist (CSS) is a specialized physical and technical security training and certification for security professionals. The CSS certification validates a security professional’s knowledge of physical security through an Advanced Physical Security Training Program.

Certified Security Specialist (CSS) in The USA

Certified Protection Specialist (CPS)

What is a CPS? CPS is an Executive protection specialist with fundamental security training and a detailed understanding of executive protection. Executive protection supervisors, basic and advanced skills to plan and execute security details, and VIP protection in the day-to-day civilian environment. Advanced Handgun Shooting Tactics Course.

(CPS) Executive Protection USA

Corporate Crisis Management Specialist (CCMS)

CCMS is a certification designed and developed to help department representatives, business unit coordinators, Crisis Management/ Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery managers to build a framework and plan to mitigate risk for natural and man-made disasters.

Corporate Crisis Management Specialist (CCMS) in The USA


Surveillance: Advancing locations that clients frequent to access potential risks. And to follow and gather information on a target.

Surveillance Detection: Counter-surveillance techniques are the process of a third party covertly carrying out actions to identify if someone is following an individual.

Covert Protection: Allows the client to go about their daily routine without feeling the presence of the protection agent. The client will feel a sense of freedom and still know that they have the protection. Covert protection can be used without the client knowing they are being protected. Hidden protection is often used in cases of spouses or children that may be at risk of kidnapping.

Covert Investigator Florida Georgia

Business Bug Sweeps

Expert Electronic Bug Sweeps for all your Business' TSCM needs.

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Business Bug Sweeps

Expert Electronic Bug Sweeps for all your Business' TSCM needs.
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Home Bug Sweeps

We Can Detect Any Hidden Camera or Listening Device!

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Home Bug Sweeps

If You Think You Are Being Spied On, Call Us Now. We Can Help!
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Vehicle GPS Sweeps

Is Someone Tracking Your Movements? Find Out Now!

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Vehicle GPS Sweeps

We Can Detect GPS Trackers and Other Tracking Devices.
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Cyber TSCM

Do you think someone is utilizing your home network?

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Cyber TSCM

Read About Our Residential Cyber TSCM Services.
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Our Mission

To provide quality and affordable TSCM services.

By using the best TSCM equipment and training available for electronic surveillance detection.

To bring awareness of the threats that exist to your privacy.

Technology gets better every day and makes it easy for you to be watched and listened to by anyone for any reason or no reason at all.

To protect intellectual property.

Some companies are in competitive fields and have trade secrets that others want to gain a competitive advantage.

To help gather evidence for court cases.

By finding technical surveillance equipment (TSE) that has been maliciously placed in your home, office or vehicle to invade your privacy.

To bring you peace of mind.

We give you the confidence and reassurance that your privacy is not being invaded, so that you can live your normal life and feel safe in your own home, office, or vehicle.