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Florida bug sweep services.

We specialize in finding hidden cameras & hidden listening devices in all places and situations. Including:

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Expert Bug Sweep Services in Florida

TSCM Private Security Solutions specializes in Technical Surveillance CounterMeasures (TSCM) in Florida, also known as electronic surveillance detection, or bug sweep. Our objective is to protect and guard your privacy, information, and communications. We utilize industry-leading equipment and techniques to detect hidden eavesdropping devices, including hidden video, hidden audio, and hidden GPS tracking devices.

Florida Bug Sweeps

Residential Bug Sweeps

  • Video & Audio Bug Sweeps
  • We Locate Hidden Cameras In Homes
  • Apartment & Dorm Room Bug Sweeps
  • We Find Hidden GPS Trackers
  • Condos & Clubhouses
  • How to detect listening devices or hidden cameras in homes

Business Bug Sweeps

  • Office & Conference Room Bug Sweeps We Find Hidden Cameras In Offices
  • Restroom & Common Area Bug Sweeps
  • We Find Wiretaps on Phones
  • Country Clubs & Corporate Facilities

Facility Bug Sweeps

  • School & Locker Room Bug Sweeps Shower & Bathroom Bug Sweeps
  • Prison & Correctional Facilities
  • Aircraft & Yacht Bug Sweeps
  • Hotel & Motel Room Bug Sweeps

In Florida, TSCM & Private Security Solutions offers a variety of bug sweep services designed to meet different needs:

Documenting and collecting Evidence.


TSCM & Private Security Solutions plays a crucial role in documenting and collecting bugging devices or also known as hidden cameras and hidden listening devices found by our highly trained TSCM agents during a TSCM bug sweep, we specialize in proper forensic techniques.

Our agents meticulously document and collect the devices in a manner that is admissible in legal proceedings, and they provide valuable assistance to clients in their interactions with law enforcement.

By partnering with TSCM & Private Security Solutions bug sweep service provider, individuals can effectively address eavesdropping threats, protect their privacy, and achieve peace of mind knowing that their spaces are free from unauthorized surveillance. We are experts in how to detect listening devices or hidden cameras.

(CPS) Executive Protection USA

Florida bug sweep services.

1. **FL home Bug Sweep Service**

 This service helps in locating hidden cameras, listening devices, electronic transmitters, and Wi-Fi connected devices within homes to protect the privacy and peace of mind of residents and their families.

2. **FL business bug sweeps**

 For businesses, the technicians can identify and locate hidden monitoring devices in executive offices, conference rooms, open bay spaces, changing rooms, and restrooms to safeguard employees and customers.

3. **FL Telephone and Wiretap Bug Sweep Service**

This service focuses on identifying compromised phone devices that may be under surreptitious monitoring. The team is capable of checking various phone types, including standard desktop phones, VoIP, and associated wiring.

4. **FL hidden GPS Bug Sweep Service**

 To address concerns regarding hidden tracking devices, our TSCM agents use state of the art equipment to locate a hidden car tracker & Bluetooth devices on personal effects, vehicles, aircraft, or watercraft, helping clients determine who may have placed them. We are Experts in how to scan your car for a tracking device.

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Our eavesdropping detection services

Florida Bug Sweeps

Florida Bug Sweeps for Homes

Before we start home bug sweeps in Florida, there will be a few phone calls to talk about what the client is experiencing. Then we gather all relevant information and set up an in-person meeting. When we arrive at the meeting location, such as a coffee shop, or other, it needs to be treated as a covert operation, which is why initial discussions should not be held in the home that is to be sweeped. The more information about what is going on, the Who, What, Where, When, and Why, the better plan we can create. We will also give the client specific directions to turn off all modems WIFI, Bluetooth devices, etc.

Florida Bug Sweeps TSCM Services

Florida Business Bug Sweeps

We offer the most comprehensive Florida bug sweeps for businesses. When they arrive in the area, a TSCM agent will make contact with the President or CEO for a sit-down meeting. This is a covert operation, and meetings should not be held in the office that is to be sweeped. Furthermore, the least amount of people that know about the upcoming scan is best. This is because the vast majority of threats come from within, and scans should be done after hours for a number of reasons. At night, in an office environment, there will be RF saturation, and there will be no employees around or persons that could take out a device or turn the device off. 

Cyber TSCM Services

Cyber TSCM is network sniffing, this works with a home scan. We do not perform Cyber TSCM for businesses due to how complicated business networks tend to be. We use specific technology to hook up to your home’s network after the modem, and can see in real-time what devices are hooked up to your network. and where the internet traffic is going. We are the experts in Florida bug sweeps and TSCM services. Call today to learn more.

Vehicle GPS and Bluetooth Sweeps

At TSCM & Private Security Solutions, because of our specific knowledge, research, and training, we have unique methods and technology at our disposal to find GPS threats. We use specific driving routes and drive time to maximize the time a signal will burst out and be detected. Unfortunately, nothing is 100% when it comes GPS trackers because of how GPS can be programmed. However, we use the Yorkie cell tracker and a custom 4k underbody camera system to see in real time and record for evidence. For the most comprehensive Florida bug sweeps for home or business, call us today!

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Business Bug Sweeps

Expert Electronic Bug Sweeps for all your Business' TSCM needs.

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Business Bug Sweeps

Expert Electronic Bug Sweeps for all your Business' TSCM needs.
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Home Bug Sweeps

We Can Detect Any Hidden Camera or Listening Device!

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Home Bug Sweeps

If You Think You Are Being Spied On, Call Us Now. We Can Help!
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Vehicle GPS Sweeps

Is Someone Tracking Your Movements? Find Out Now!

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Vehicle GPS Sweeps

We Can Detect GPS Trackers and Other Tracking Devices.
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Cyber TSCM

Do you think someone is utilizing your home network?

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Cyber TSCM

Read About Our Residential Cyber TSCM Services.
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Have you ever asked yourself these questions? And what do you look for.

1. How to detect listening devices or hidden cameras? 2. How to tell if your office is bugged? 3. How to detect hidden microphones?
4. How to find listening devices?

1. What actions or changes in the environment may indicate the presence of eavesdropping devices in Florida properties?
Actions or changes that may indicate the presence of eavesdropping devices include noticing unexpected dust or debris, the appearance of new items, physical damage like scratches, the presence of red lights in dark rooms, and unexplained visits from individuals not informed about the individual’s whereabouts.

2. What are some physical indicators that may suggest the presence of hidden cameras, audio bugs, or GPS trackers in Florida homes or offices?
Physical indicators may include dust or debris where it shouldn’t be, new items appearing without explanation, crooked wall plates, visible red lights when the room is dark, new scratches, and unexpected visits by unannounced individuals.

3. What are some potential signs of bug installations in a home or office in Florida?
Potential signs may include unexpected dust or ceiling debris on the floor or furniture, new decorative items not placed by the individual, crooked wall plates, a small red light visible when lights are off, new scratches on walls or furniture, and unexplained appearances by individuals.

4. What should individuals be vigilant about to detect bug installations in their surroundings? Individuals should be vigilant about changes in their environment, such as the presence of unexpected dust or debris, new items appearing, physical damage like scratches, strange lights when the room is dark, and unexplained visits by unknown individuals.

5.  How can individuals identify the presence of bugs in their living or working spaces? Individuals can identify bugs by noticing unusual changes in their environment such as unexpected debris or items, physical damage like scratches, or the presence of unexplained lights.

TSCM MESA spectrum analyzer TSCM bug sweeper

Serving Florida Counties Such As:

Alachua County, FL
Baker County, FL
Bay County, FL
Bradford County, FL
Brevard County, FL
Broward County, FL
Calhoun County, FL
Charlotte County, FL
Citrus County, FL
Clay County, FL
Collier County, FL
Columbia County, FL
DeSoto County, FL
Dixie County, FL
Duval County, FL
Escambia County, FL
Flagler County, FL

Franklin County, FL
Gadsden County, FL
Gilchrist County, FL
Glades County, FL
Gulf County, FL
Hamilton County, FL
Hardee County, FL
Hendry County, FL
Hernando County, FL
Highlands County, FL
Hillsborough County, FL
Holmes County, FL
Indian River County, FL
Jackson County, FL
Jefferson County, FL
Lafayette County, FL
Lake County, FL

Lee County, FL
Leon County, FL
Levy County, FL
Liberty County, FL
Madison County, FL
Manatee County, FL
Marion County, FL
Martin County, FL
Miami-Dade County, FL
Monroe County, FL
Nassau County, FL
Okaloosa County, FL
Okeechobee County, FL
Orange County, FL
Osceola County, FL

Palm Beach County, FL
Pasco County, FL
Pinellas County, FL
Polk County, FL
Putnam County, FL
Saint Johns County, FL
Saint Lucie County, FL
Santa Rosa County, FL
Sarasota County, FL
Seminole County, FL
Sumter County, FL
Suwannee County, FL
Taylor County, FL
Union County, FL
Volusia County, FL
Wakulla County, FL
Walton County, FL
Washington County, FL

All of Florida's City Just to Name a Few: