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Our TSCM / Bug Sweep Services

Business Bug Sweeps

A large part of what we do is professional business bug sweeps for corporations, businesses, government agencies, prisons, and non-profits. Let our highly skilled TSCM experts secure your facilities.

Home Bug Sweeps

We provide professional bug sweeps for residential homes and multi-tenant properties. Our highly skilled TSCM experts are here 24/7 to help.

Vehicle GPS and Bluetooth Sweeps

Are you being tracked while you’re driving? Do you think your car’s Bluetooth is compromised? We are the experts in GPS and Bluetooth sweeps, so call us now to discuss your options.

Cyber TSCM Services​

Do you think someone is utilizing your home’s network, or spying on you through your home’s internet connection and devices? Then you may need residential Cyber TSCM Services, call us now to discuss your options.

Our Mission

To provide quality and affordable TSCM services.

By using the best TSCM equipment and training available for electronic surveillance detection.

To bring awareness of the threats that exist to your privacy.

Technology gets better every day and makes it easy for you to be watched and listened to by anyone for any reason or no reason at all.

To protect intellectual property.

Some companies are in competitive fields and have trade secrets that others want to gain a competitive advantage.

To help gather evidence for court cases.

By finding technical surveillance equipment (TSE) that has been maliciously placed in your home, office or vehicle to invade your privacy.

To bring you peace of mind.

We give you the confidence and reassurance that your privacy is not being invaded, so that you can live your normal life and feel safe in your own home, office, or vehicle. Hire A Trusted Bug Sweep Company! Contact us today.