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Business Bug Sweeps

We provide professional business bug sweep services for corporations, businesses, government agencies and non-profits, to prevent an eavesdropping attack. Our highly skilled bug sweep experts are here 24/7 to help.

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Expert Bug Sweeps For Small to Large Companies

What to Expect With a Business Bug Sweep

We offer comprehensive bug-sweeping services, at a competitive bug-sweep cost with the best hidden camera detectors available, to corporations, government agencies, and high-profile clients to safeguard them from potential risks of eavesdropping threats. The company’s expert technical operators, with extensive military and Executive Protection backgrounds. We deploy advanced technology like the MESA hidden camera detector and Nonlinear junction detectors and years of experience in conducting bug sweeps nationwide. Spy gear has never been easier to obtain for corporate espionage than it is now, from listening devices to hidden GPS trackers and hidden Bluetooth trackers.

Trusted by Fortune 500 corporations and various high-profile entities, We specialize in protecting the privacy and communications of its clients by detecting and eliminating any potential an eavesdropping attack. We offer Specific equipment and education on how to block audio recording devices and other spy equipment that could be placed for high-profile meetings, by utilizing best counter surveillance equipment on the market.

A TSCM agent will meet with the President or CEO Or whoever may be designated as a point of contact, at a place agreed upon for a sit-down meeting to discuss different bugging devices and who the threat may be. This is a covert operation, and meetings should not be held in the office. The least amount of people that know about the upcoming scan is best because, most corporate espionage TSCM threats come from someone within the organization. 

Scans should be done after working hours as less RF interference will be present, and employees won’t be alerted to remove or turn off devices. During bug sweeps for corporations, TSCM & Private Security Solutions focuses on conducting comprehensive technical and physical inspections to locate and identify any hidden cameras and or hidden listening devices or other Eavesdropping threats that may compromise the privacy and security of corporate communications and data. A home electronic eavesdropping Is done slightly different. 

Specifically, our services include thorough bug sweeps in key areas such as C-Suites, boardrooms, conference rooms, executive homes, and off-site meeting locations. These targeted bug sweeps are essential in detecting any unauthorized surveillance devices that could potentially capture and transmit sensitive information to external listening posts. Moreover, TSCM & Private Security Solutions conducts regular bug sweeps for corporations, typically on a quarterly basis, to ensure continuous monitoring and detection of any potential security breaches. Additionally, our services may include 24/7 bug sweep monitoring to enhance the effectiveness of our detection capabilities and provide ongoing protection against privacy infringements. At TSCM & Private Security Solutions. We have the most competitive bug sweep costs in the market.

Stage 1: Business Bug Sweep

MESA (Mobility Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer)

We start with the MESA; the MESA has 5 modes, Smart Bars, Spectrum, Mobile Bands, WIFIand Bluetooth.

Smart Bars:

We gather a reference point of RF data outside of the office building for as long as possible, the longer the better. This allows us to gather a signal list outside of the building to eliminate RF interference inside.

Once we have a reference point outside, we can start the first layer of the sweep inside. We start at one side of the office building and work our way across the floor very slowly and methodically going through each room and scanning every square inch including all office furniture, walls, and items in a room. The MESA will detect signals in great detail which are reviewed and analyzed for unusual RF signals.


Spectrum mode is used to analyze a frequency found during the Smart Bar scan.

Mobile Bands:

In the same order, we will go through each room in Mobile bands. In this mode, the MESA will only search for RF signals in the cellular phone bands, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, etc. This is very useful because there are higher technical threats that occur in an office space. Devices exist that only require a cell phone SIM card to eavesdropper and can be called to listen real-time or can burst out data over a cell network.


In the same order, we will go through each room in WIFI mode. In office buildings this is one of the most important processes to detect and locate any rogue router/modem WIFI signals. This is because in the office environment it is an easy thing to hide a rogue modem/router that could be placed to send out any data from any hidden device connected to it.


In the same order, we will go through each room in Bluetooth mode. In this mode, the MESA will detect all Bluetooth and Bluetooth low energy devices. These Bluetooth devices could be placed to gather and send out information to somebody or a transceiver nearby. Bluetooth is short range and does not penetrate walls easily; 15 to 30 feet in an office and longer in an open space.

Optional: ANDRE (Advance Nearfield Detector Receiver)

The ANDRE is like the MESA in that it can detect near or close RF signals. Unlike the MESA, the ANDRE is used when an environment is RF saturated. The ANDRE can do overnight RF captures in a small room to be reviewed later. As the MESA would be receiving a lot of RF interference, we would the ANDRE instead of the MESA.

CMA-100 and Line Tracing Equipment

The CMA-100 is an audio amplifier we use during the sweep to ensure that audio is not gathered outside of the office or conference room. The intercom system, fire alarms, or anything that make noise in an office room can be used to record audio of the meetings. We check every wire that leaves any office or conference room. We use the CMA-100 to check the HVAC duct work because sound travels through metal and walls easily. Bathrooms and rooms that share a wall with the CEO’s office and conference rooms are also checked for audio leaks.


The Next Stage Of A Business Bug Sweep

Orion Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJ)

Next, we use the Orion Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJ) to scan all surfaces. The NLJ transmits a focused beam of electromagnetic energy that passes through all non-metal surfaces to detect any circuitry like hidden cameras and listening devices. The NLJ can tell the difference between a circuit and non-circuit, nail in a wall vs. hidden camera. The NLJ detects devices that do not transmit out RF signals like a hidden camera that someone has placed to be picked up later or a device that is powered off.

FLIR E8 Thermal Gun

The FLIR Thermal Gun is used when the NLJ detector receives a hit from something within the wall. Heat builds up from behind the wall when a device is present and powered on.  We scan the wall where heat is indicated with a high-powered UV light. The UV light will show imperfections in the wall signaling new paint or holes that were made to hide device(s).

Physical Search

At this point, we are performing a physical search of the office space. We take off relevant plug covers, look in air vents and smoke detectors for any counterfeit object(s) with a camera or listening device.


Last Stage Of A Business Bug Sweep

If applicable and permittable, we fly a drone around the outside of the office building and roof to look for anything out of the ordinary. Video is taken to review and analyze. After the completion of the scan, an in-person meeting takes place to discuss the findings. Ask about our Vehicle GPS-Bluetooth & bug scan. 

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Business Bug Sweeps

Expert Electronic Bug Sweeps for all your Business' TSCM needs.

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Business Bug Sweeps

Expert Electronic Bug Sweeps for all your Business' TSCM needs.
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Home Bug Sweeps

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Technical Surveillance CounterMeasures

How to detect listening devices or hidden cameras?

We do TSCM business bug sweeps, for spy devices, such as hidden cameras and hidden listening devices, GSM listening devices, and hidden GPS trackers. These hidden cameras and hidden listening devices are readily available for purchase at spy shops or online for relatively low costs. Audio spy equipment has never been easier to obtain. We are the experts on how to find listening devices. These covert listening devices pose a significant threat for businesses and corporations as they can be used to Corporate Espionage to illegally obtain vital business information, potentially leading to substantial financial losses for organizations. 

To counter these threats, TSCM & Private Security Solutions utilizes advanced technical means during bug sweeps to detect and neutralize any unauthorized devices that may be present. During the TSCM business bug sweep process, TSCM & Private Security Solutions conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the targeted area, whether it be a business, government agency, residence, or any other relevant location. By employing specialized equipment and expertise, TSCM & Private Security Solutions can identify and locate surveillance devices that may have been covertly installed. 

This proactive approach allows for the implementation of effective countermeasures to mitigate the risks associated with electronic eavesdropping and technical attacks. TSCM & Private Security Solutions bug sweep services are crucial in safeguarding against the potentially devastating consequences of eavesdropping attacks. By ensuring that all necessary measures are in place to protect against unauthorized surveillance, TSCM & Private Security Solutions helps its clients reduce the likelihood of falling victim to such malicious activities. Whether it is for businesses facing competition or individuals dealing with personal disputes, TSCM & Private Security Solutions offers a reliable and professional solution to address the growing threat of electronic surveillance and ensure peace of mind for its clients and with the most competitive bug sweep cost.