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Home Bug Sweeps

We provide professional Electronic bug sweeps for Residential homes, Apartments and multi-tenant properties. 


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Expert Home Bug Sweeps

What to Expect With a Home Bug Sweep

A TSCM agent will meet with the homeowner/renter at a place agreed upon for a sit-down meeting to discuss process.  Once the meeting concludes, we pull up to the home and look for any suspicious vehicles to make notes of what and who we see. We then enter the home and find the best spot to set up a laptop and layout the sweep equipment. There are many layers to a home sweep that can/will take several hours.

Stage 1: Home Bug Sweep

MESA (Mobility Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer)

We start with the MESA; the MESA has 5 modes, Smart Bars, Spectrum, Mobile Bands, WIFIand Bluetooth.

Smart Bars:

We gather a reference point of RF data outside of the home for as long as possible, the longer the better. This allows us to gather a signal list outside of the home to eliminate RF interference inside.

Once we have a reference point outside, we can start the first layer of the sweep inside. We start at one side of the home and work our way across the home very slowly and methodically going through each room, closet, and level scanning every square inch including all furniture, walls, and items in a room. The MESA will detect signals in great detail which are reviewed and analyzed for unusual RF signals.


Spectrum mode is used to analyze a frequency found during the Smart Bar scan.

Mobile Bands:

In the same order, we will go through each room in Mobile bands. In this mode, the MESA will only search for RF signals in the cellular phone bands, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, etc. Devices exist that only require a cell phone SIM card to eavesdropper and can be called to listen real-time or can burst out data over a cell network.


In the same order, we will go through each room in WIFI mode. This process is to detect and locate any rogue router/modem WIFI signals.


In the same order, we will go through each room in Bluetooth mode. In this mode, the MESA will detect all Bluetooth and Bluetooth low energy devices. These Bluetooth devices could be placed to gather and send out information to somebody or a transceiver nearby. Bluetooth is short range and does not penetrate walls easily; 15 to 30 feet in a home and longer in an open space. 

Optional: ANDRE (Advance Nearfield Detector Receiver)

The ANDRE is like the MESA in that it can detect near or close RF signals. Unlike the MESA, the ANDRE is used when an environment is RF saturated. The ANDRE can do overnight RF captures in a small room to be reviewed later. As the MESA would be receiving a lot of RF interference, we would use the ANDRE instead of the MESA.


The Next Stage Of A Home Bug Sweep

Orion Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJ)

Next, we use the Orion Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJ) to scan all surfaces. The NLJ transmits a focused beam of electromagnetic energy that passes through all non-metal surfaces to detect any circuitry like hidden cameras and listening devices. The NLJ can tell the difference between a circuit and non-circuit, nail in a wall vs. hidden camera. The NLJ detects devices that do not transmit out RF signals like a hidden camera that someone has placed to be picked up later or a device that is powered off.

FLIR E8 Thermal Gun

The FLIR Thermal Gun is used when the NLJ detector receives a hit from something within the wall. Heat builds up from behind the wall when a device is present and powered on.  We scan the wall where heat is indicated with a high-powered UV light. The UV light will show imperfections in the wall signaling new paint or holes that were made to hide device(s).

Physical Search

At this point, we are performing a physical search of the home. We take off relevant plug covers, look in air vents and smoke detectors for any counterfeit object(s) with a camera or listening device.


Last Stage Of A Home Bug Sweep

We then walk around the perimeter of the home to do an exterior inspection to check for wires entering or existing the home. If permittable, we fly a drone around the outside of the home and roof to look for anything out of the ordinary. Video is taken to review and analyze. After the completion of the scan, an in-person meeting takes place to discuss the findings. A report will be submitted later detailing all the data reviewed.

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Can I perform my own TSCM Bug Sweep?

Performing a TSCM bug sweep independently can be quite challenging for individuals without proper training. Locating listening devices can be particularly difficult for untrained individuals because bugs can be incredibly small and well-hidden by eavesdroppers. In fact, eavesdroppers are known to disguise bugs or even hide them in plain sight, making them virtually undetectable to the untrained eye. These concealed devices could be hidden in various items such as furniture, wall clocks, pens, calculators, or any other unsuspecting object. Additionally, electronic devices and technology services can also be compromised, further complicating the process of detecting bugs.

While TSCM bug sweep detectors are available for public purchase, they often yield false positives, indicating the presence of listening devices when there might not be an actual bug. Distinguishing between a legitimate listening device and a false alarm can be quite challenging without the expertise of skilled specialists who possess the necessary knowledge and experience in bug sweeping.

 It is recommended to rely on the assistance of trained professionals when it comes to performing bug sweeps, as they possess the expertise and specialized equipment required to accurately detect and locate hidden listening devices. Their knowledge of different bug hiding techniques and their ability to distinguish between actual bugs and false positives make them invaluable in ensuring the reliability of bug sweeping measures.

Cyber Hygiene for Cell Phones And Laptops

TSCM and Private Security Solutions utilize a comprehensive approach using cyber hygiene to prevent spyware and malware on various devices including cell phones, computers, tablets, and more. Our cyber hygiene process is incorporated into their extensive home bug sweeps, which involve thoroughly examining your home and addressing network security. As part of these sweeps, TSCM and Private Security Solutions provide the option to check electronic device chords and power blocks specifically for the presence of spyware and malware programs.

To ensure accurate results, TSCM and Private Security Solutions employ skilled specialists who utilize advanced Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) equipment and software. This cutting-edge technology enables them to detect a wide range of bugging devices, ranging from simple, inexpensive bugs to sophisticated, complex surveillance tools.

While our specialists have some capabilities to identify whether certain devices are infected with spyware or malware, it is important to note that TSCM and Private Security Solutions do not remove these programs. Restoring privacy and mitigating the impact of spyware and malware requires a more comprehensive approach beyond mere removal.



Who is a potential Eavesdropper?

Potential eavesdroppers come from diverse backgrounds and have different motivations. They can include current or former partners, foreign nationals or governments, reporters, kidnappers, extortionists, private investigators, neighbors, or anyone who may be driven by legal issues, monetary gains, emotions, or fame. These individuals target a range of targets, such as politicians, celebrities, high-profile individuals, executive residences, and corporate apartments. The objectives of eavesdroppers extend beyond merely listening in on conversations. They actively seek to collect private and damaging information, such as personal secrets or scandalous details. In addition, they are interested in obtaining travel information, daily routines, school schedules, social appointments, and any other valuable personal information that can be exploited. It is important to note that the passage highlights the significance of professional home bug sweeps as a means to safeguard against these potential threats.

What do I do if I find the Eavesdropping device?

TSCM & Private Security Solutions is a comprehensive bug sweep service, with a competitive bug sweep cost that goes beyond simply locating bugging devices. Our team is well-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to detect and identify all types of bugs/ Eavesdropping devices/ Hidden cameras and Hidden listening devices, and we understand the importance of preserving evidence for potential legal proceedings.

If you find a device you suspect to be a bug/hidden camera or hidden listening device, it is crucial not to remove it yourself. Instead, prioritize your safety by immediately moving to a secure location and contacting TSCM & Private Security Solutions at 678-865-9838. Our expert Technicians are highly trained in the proper procedures for documenting and collecting these devices in a forensic manner.

We recognize the significance of collecting evidence that can withstand legal scrutiny. With our expertise, we assist our clients in effectively documenting any discovered bugging devices, ensuring that all relevant information and potential leads are properly recorded. TSCM & Private Security Solutions takes great care in documenting the physical characteristics and technical specifications of the bugs, as well as the circumstances surrounding their discovery.

In addition to documentation, our team collaborates closely with law enforcement agencies to properly handle the evidence. We understand the importance of supporting our clients as they work with law enforcement, and we provide comprehensive assistance throughout this process. By engaging with our bug sweep service, you not only regain your security and peace of mind but also increase the likelihood of successful legal actions against those responsible.

At TSCM & Private Security Solutions, we are dedicated to helping our clients thoroughly document and collect evidence, providing a solid foundation for legal proceedings. We will support you every step of the way as you seek justice and restore your peace of mind.

How does TSCM & Private Security Solutions detect GPS trackers and electronic Eavesdropping devices in vehicles?

TSCM and Private Security Solutions offer comprehensive services for detecting GPS trackers and electronic eavesdropping devices in vehicles. With state-of-the-art technology and expertise in counter-surveillance, we provide effective solutions to safeguard your privacy. Our detection methods include: 

1. Advanced GPS Tracker Detection: We utilize specialized equipment and techniques to identify both visible and concealed GPS trackers. Our team thoroughly scans your vehicle, ensuring every potential hiding spot is inspected. Through meticulous analysis, we can locate even the most discreetly installed tracking devices.

 2. Electronic Eavesdropping Device Detection: Our experts employ sophisticated tools to sweep your vehicle for electronic eavesdropping devices. These devices may be hidden within the interior, such as in the dashboard, seats, or other inconspicuous locations. Our thorough detection process ensures that no device goes undetected. 

3. Specialized Detection Equipment: TSCM and Private Security Solutions utilize cutting-edge technology designed specifically for uncovering tracking devices and electronic eavesdropping devices. Our equipment includes advanced RF scanners, signal detectors, and spectrum analyzers, which allow us to identify even the most sophisticated surveillance devices. 

4. Experienced and Skilled Professionals: Our team consists of highly trained professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in counter-surveillance. They are adept at recognizing the telltale signs of tracking and eavesdropping devices, employing their expertise to conduct thorough sweeps of your vehicle.

 5. Comprehensive Analysis and Reporting: Upon completion of the detection process and by request, we provide you with a detailed analysis report. This report includes information about any identified devices, their locations, and a comprehensive assessment of the potential risks they pose to your privacy. Our team will also provide recommendations for further actions to ensure your security. At TSCM and Private Security Solutions, we prioritize your privacy and security. By employing our expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a meticulous approach, we can detect and neutralize any GPS trackers or electronic eavesdropping devices, allowing you to have peace of mind while on the road.